When and where is the meet point?

There are two AVC group rides which take place on Sunday mornings. Both groups meet at 8:30am in the market square (town centre) in Ampthill. 

  • The AVC-100 group ride is usually around 100km (62 miles) at a pace of around 28-32km/h (17-20mph) with a stop for coffee en route. 
  • The AVC-60 group ride is usually around 60km (37 miles) at a pace of around 25-29km/h (16-18mph) also with a stop for coffee en route.

There is no need to book ahead, the club is currently run on an informal basis, so if you'd like to ride (or it is your first time riding with AVC) be at the meeting point on time (rides leave fairly punctually). The rides are created as events in our club on Strava and riders usually indicate their intention to ride by joining the ride event for the relevant ride that week (AVC Strava Club).

There are also many members who ride regularly throughout the week and organise fairly spontaneous rides out. There is a Whatsapp chat group set up to cater for this. If you're interested email James Buchanan or send a request using the web contact form.

For any of the rides, you do of course have the option to 'tail off' early and do your own thing as people often do. This is perfectly OK if you don't feel you can manage a full ride.

  AVC Meeting Place


Our routes are generally tried and tested and take in scenic roads and villages whilst generally avoiding areas of heavy traffic. Typical routes go out to the north of Bedford, to the west of Leighton Buzzard and the south of Hitchin and Redbourn. Popular café stop destinations include Emily's Teashop in Whitwell, The Hub at Redbourn, Harold-Odell Country Park, Costa in Leighton Buzzard, Costa in Hitchin to name a few.

Example Routes

Harold Odell via Country Park (64.7m)

Scenic route through North Beds villages to Tea Zels Cafe

Hitchin via Costa (43.3m)

Hilly route out west via 'The Clappers' then Hitchin back

Leighton Buzzard via Costa (53.7)

Bison Hill challenge, back via Leighton Buzzard

Winslow via Leighton Buzzard (56.4m)

Pleasant route west from Ampthill, through scenic villages

  Group Riding

If you've not ridden in a group before, it can be a strange experience at first but you soon get used to it. The club often ride two abreast where roads allow, often with cyclists in front and behind. However, there are some simple guidelines and etiquette to follow that will ensure both enjoyment and safety.

  • Calling out potholes and dangers in the road ahead for cyclists behind
  • Not overlapping your front wheel with the rear wheel of the rider in front of you
  • Riding with mudguards during winter months (or riding at the back of the group!)
  • Carry essential maintenance items (e.g. spare tube, pump, tyre levers [and make sure you know how to change a tube!])
  • Keep your bike in a roadworthy condition
  • Ensure you have adequate hydration and fuel (energy bars, fruit, gels etc)
  • It's a good idea to bring money, a mobile phone and emergency contact details
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions
  • Treat other road users (cyclists, cars, horseriders etc) with courtesy and respect
  • Let others know if you are unable to keep up
  • Wear your AVC jersey, of course!

There may seem a lot to think about when you first ride in a group but you'll be addicted before you know it.