GT:15 Spring Edition - Stages

*** GT:15 Spring Edition - Finish Countdown: ***

Each Edition of the GT:15 will have seven stages. GT:15 Stages are ordered according to length and there are three points systems, for Short, Medium and Long stages. The details of the Spring Edition stages are below.

#8 : Aspley Heath (0.7m)

This is a straight forward hill climb. 0.7 miles long and never too steep, it’s a power climb. There’s a car park at the top popular with dog-walkers. On the one hand, try not to get one in your front wheel (a dog, that is, not a dog-walker), on the other, a large hound can cushion your fall quite handsomely as you have a temporary lactic blackout at the end of a point-poaching effort.

Start in Woburn Sands, just after the roundabout at the bottom of Woburn Road and Aspley Hill. Take the turn up Church Road. The segment starts here and ends where the road ends, just before the car park at the top. For those of you who rode the 2014 GT, this was the final section of the Cima Mattone stage. The stage in its brief entirety also counts towards the Le Grimpeur Competition.

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#9 : Super Mario (2.02m)

Here’s a couple of miles of dragstrip for ya. Starts with a nice downhill too, so see how fast you can crank it up and then see how long you can make it last. Oo-er!

Start by the layby at the top of Brogborough hill and heads straight for Marston Moretaine on the Bedford Road. Ending 2 miles later just before the righthand No Entry road on the outskirts of Marston. This entire segment will also score points towards the Supermario Sprint Competition.

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#10 : Rejilla de Retención (4.72m)

In these parts we don’t have cobbles. As far as challenging surfaces go around here it’s potholes and badly laid gravel. And occasionally cattle grids. We don’t really have many but weirdly we have 4 on one road!

Starting on Leighton Street out of Woburn towards the A5. Keep going along the ups and downs to the left turn, a couple of miles on, towards Potsgrove. Ride the 4 cattle grids across to the A4012. Turn left and drop down to the finish at the corner of the London End left turn back in Woburn. From the cattle grid at the top of the Bushycommon Wood climb to the last grid before the A4012 is the “Gridlock SM” Supermario Segment.

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#11 : Baracchi Solo (5.0m)

For those of you who are new to the competition, in the GT:14 we had a bonus stage which could be ridden in pairs. A two-up tribute to the classic Italian TT the Baracchi Trophy. It was a nice fast course so it’s coming back as a solo stage. I can’t offer bonus points but anyone who beats their two-up time solo gets a knowing nod of kudos all round.

The route starts in Barton-le-Clay, just after the A6 roundabout and goes east to Shillington where it takes 3 left turns before heading back west, ending just before the junction with the A6. It is 5 miles long. The first mile of Baracchi Solo will also count towards the Supermario Sprint Competition under the title Higham Mile SM.

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#12 : Cols de la Perfumerie (6.4m)

This one’s got a bit of everything – rolling hills to begin, a really fast descent, a grippy section to get your head down on and a steep climb to finish. Oh and it also brings new meaning to the phrase ‘going like stink’ courtesy of a couple of farms on the route.

Start just after the Haynes turn in Maulden then just keep turning left through Haynes West End, down London Lane, through Houghton Conquest and onto the B530 to head south towards Ampthill. The segment ends at the top of the hill into Ampthill. Enjoy the view. The mile of road between Houghton Conquest and How End, just before the B530 is a Supermario Sprint called “How End SM” and the final climb back up into Ampthill is “Hazelwood LG” the 2nd Le Grimpeur segment.

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#13 : On The Rivet (9.34m)

This is the first long stage of the GT:15 and it’s on familiar roads, heading from Clophill out to Haynes and then coming back.

Starting with the less-well-known Mill Lane/Kiln Lane climb out of Clophill it then heads up to Haynes Church End before a right and then left up into Haynes itself. In the village take the first right and then, just before Chicksands MTB park, right again down Standalone Warren and back up to Haynes Church End. Go left and storm back to Clophill to finish just before the T junction opposite the Lower School. The 1 mile stretch from the right turn in Haynes to just before the right turn down Standalone Warren is “Northwood SM” the final Supermario Sprint segment of the Spring Edition.

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#14 : Hexton-Harlington (12m)

Ooooo this is a handsome queen stage for the Spring Edition. A 12 mile hilly route which could have been especially designed for those of you who are preparing for some outrageously hilly Euro Sportive in July…

Starting at the foot of Hexton Hill, climb and then descend before turning right and rolling across to the A6 at Streatley. Hang a right again here, down the A6 and its slip road into Barton. Left and across the Sharpenhoe. Up the Clappers (I know, I hate them too, but I have to be fair to the skinny dudes among you) and back to Streatley. Bear right to Sundon. Don't take the first right turn, that would be too easy. Keep descending and take the second turn and climb the hill into Upper Sundon. Descend like a frickin demon and head on into Harlington, sprinting up the last rise to end at the junction outside The Carpenters Arms. The first climb up Hexton Hill and the short climb up into Upper Sundon will both feature in the Le Grimpeur Competition.

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Stage Points System

The top twenty riders in each Stage will score points. Short Stages carry a maximum of 24 points for the winner, Medium Stages a maximum of 30 points and Long Stages a maximum of 40. For the Winter Edition there will be two Short Stages and five Medium Stages. We'll be holding back the Long Stages for when the days are longer. The system of points is shown on this table...

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
Short 24 21 19 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Medium 30 26 23 20 18 16 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Long 40 34 29 25 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Le Grimpeur

The Le Grimpeur Competition will be a combination of points accumulated through the four climbs within Stages, as listed below, and the climbing challenges in the Bonus section of the GT:15. To make them recognisable in Strava, Le Grimpeur segments have an LG at the end of their names.

Le Grimpeur Strava links and Points per segment...

  1. Aspley Heath LG (as per the stage)
  2. Hazelwood LG
  3. Hexton LG
  4. Sundon Backhill LG

1st = 5 points | 2nd = 4 points | 3rd = 3 points | 4th = 2 points | 5th = 1 point

The Bonus Challenges which also count towards Le Grimpeur are...

100 Climbs = 1 point per climb ridden

The Twenty & the Tour Climb Challenges = 5 points for completing each


The SuperMario Competition will be calculated entirely from the points scored in the five segments within Stages, as listed below. To make them recognisable in Strava, SuperMario segments have an SM at the end of their names.

SuperMario Strava links and Points per segment...

  1. Super Mario SM (as per the stage)
  2. Gridlock SM
  3. Higham Mile SM
  4. How End SM
  5. Northwood SM

1st = 5 points | 2nd = 4 points | 3rd = 3 points | 4th = 2 points | 5th = 1 point